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Micro sprink irrigation

Micro-sprinkler irrigation method

It is also called under tree sprinkler method. It is generally used for the irrigation of fruit trees. A small sprinkler head is placed under each tree during this method. Only a certain part of the tree is soaked. Irrigation water is transmitted from the water source to the sprinkler heads through the pressure pipelines. The pressure indicator in these systems is up to 1-2 atmospheres.

System elements are identical with drop irrigation system elements. The only difference is the use of small sprinkler heads instead of drippers. In another definition, under tree micro-sprinkler irrigation system includes; pump, control set, main pipeline, manifold pipelines, lateral pipelines and small sprinkler heads. Lateral pipeline is laid into rows of the trees and sprinkler head is placed under each tree along the lateral.

The system is totally stable. At the end of the irrigation season, sprinkler heads and lateral pipelines laid on the ground are collected.

Effective factors on the selection of the irrigation method:
Type and distance of water source
Soil (salinity, drainage, stony, etc.)
Plant type
Frost risk, etc.

Drip-irrigation is considered as the main method in the irrigation of fruit trees. In the case of installing two drip-irrigation pipelines into each row of the trees by the drip-irrigation method, under tree micro-sprinkler method may be used for the trees with wide planting range that proper irrigation ratio can not be achieved.

The advantages and the limiting elements of this method are identical with the macro-sprinkler irrigation method.

• The clogging problem is in the minimum, so it does not require extremely sensitive filtering system.
• It takes less time for the irrigation in comparison with the drip-irrigation system.
• It is especially suitable for old fruit trees as it allows soaking of wide range of soil.
• Required workmanship for the check of whether the sprinkler heads work or not is reduced.
• It can be used in the relief and high areas.
• During the change from flood-irrigation system into this system old trees don’t undergo stress.
• It is used to protect plants from frost.
• Fertilizers may be used along with the water when it is needed for plants.

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